"I just took my 2 month picture and am sending it to you. Such a huge difference in my lips - I'm sold! My mom is visiting and I hadn't seen her in a few months. She looked at me and asked what I'm doing with my mouth because it looks like the lines are gone - I never told her I was doing anything!" Mindy, Boulder, Colorado

"I have been using the full realm of products from Lips2Kiss almost four years now and can't say enough wonderful things about the improvements I have seen! I am not only a fan of the lip care system but simply love the Face2Flaunt and Eyes2Envy products as well. I tried so many different products over the years and finally found ones that deliver true results. Lips2Kiss IS the best!!" SueAnn J., Annapolis, Maryland

"To witness the continual changing to a younger me is beyond exhilirating, it is life changing."Toni, Kansas

"Your products have transformed me and in the process, transformed my life." Ramona, Seattle, Washington

"I love the lip system. I love love love the colored Time 2 Heal. They are the consistency like what you would get from a MAC lip gloss but without the stickiness and much more hydrating. I think your skin stuff is miraculous!" Maria, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"The blue vein visible on my upper lip is already 90% less visible after just a couple weeks. It (Spa Lip Care System) is working very quickly which is very motivating. I must admit I'm not very good at applying as I should, so I'm happy to see it is still working despite that."

Anna, Young Mother in Canada

"Love, love, love your products!."

Megan, Bakersfield, California

"Of all the products I have ever ordered, never have I been so pleased with any products' performance as I am with yours. Thank you!" Casandra, Sydney, Australia

"I came across your product line on the internet, searching for a solution to the fine lines appearing around my lips. I decided to take a chance and order. The transformation to my lips was excellent and the lines around my lips have improved. I was so thrilled with the results it motivated me to try the face products. Those results have been just as good and my skin has been transformed." Liz, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find the self-esteem and confidence that was all but lost."

Eileen, Bradford, Massachusetts

"I am so happy with my lips! My lips are indeed fuller and the vertical lines on the lips themselves have nearly disappeared. They went from pale to the color of lipstick I've always opted for. Everything you promised - it just takes a little patience. Loving your products and my lips." Kourtney, New York City

"Just an update: I've been sticking to the regime. It's all improving. I'm loving the colored Time 2 Heal glosses. Your products are truly unique. Just as a test I tried my old lip gloss today and it felt SO SO horrible on, I had to wipe it off instantly!" Mia, Bangkok, Thailand

"I have been following the instructions and noticed significant improvement between week 2 and 3. The natural color of my lips has appeared - a lovely rose color. My lips have always been lopsided - full on the right and thin on the left. As of today my lips are more balanced. They have filled out on the left to my amazement. This is an amazing system. I am so glad I found it." Carolyn, Colorado

"I have tried so many products over the years that made promises and they never worked. I'm so happy to find something that is not only so affordable but works! Very few beauty products do what they say they are going to do. Your customer service is excellent, the products are so affordable, and most importantly they actually work! I'm a very happy customer. . . BTW my friend flat out asked me if I had collagen in my lips when we were out to lunch and I told her about your product. She couldn't believe it!" Lisa, Montpelier, Virginia

"My package has arrived and it looks gorgeous. I put on the colored night glaze and love the texture and feel on my lips. I napped with my 4 month old daughter and woke up 3 hours later to moist feeling lips that had been quenched after weeks of dryness. I have never experienced anything like the night glaze - you have created perfection in that it is the perfect weight and fragrance free texture for moisturizing without feeling coated or heavy. . . Receiving the luxuriously presented box of products made my morning!!!" Patisa, Denmark

"I am feeling so much better about my lines above my lips. Believe it or not, these bothered me more than my thin, dry lips. But now, these lines are sooo much better! The Special Cream in addition to the ULLE (Upper Lip Line Eliminator), made such a big difference. Also, the massaging (with the ULLE into the upper lip lines)is like a major transition even over night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know how to say it enough."

Kathy, Babson Park, Florida

"I found you two years ago. You entered and changed my life. Beauty always comes from within, but help on the outside enables that beauty to be expressed. I'm not exaggerating when I say you picked me up when I was at my lowest point. I feel beautiful for the first time in my life. Thank you doesn't begin to say how grateful I am." Eileen, Bradford, Massachusetts

"My oh my, my lips love the feel of these products and I'm so excited about the results I am getting!!! The lip care system should be called a lip restoration system or even a lip smoothing treatment. Besides restoring my lip fullness my lips have never felt softer. I now have luscious lips. Your name says it all." Lanie L., Austin, Texas

"I'm still amazed at the difference in my lips since using lips2kiss products. I've not seen anything like this, ever! Your products give lip protection and lip repair, while restoring lip fullness. This is truly a natural lip plumper."Kathy, Santa Clarita, California

"Your products are the best I've used. In addition, your customer service and kindness goes far beyond the norm. I think you and your company are wonderful." Linda, Dayton, Ohio

"I have tried almost every lotion and potion available to improve my skin and lips. Your products are worth every penny. I'm 46 years old, and an old friend from college recently asked me how it is that I have managed not to age in 20+ years! I think that says it all! Thank you Kandis!" Carol, Addison, Texas

"I am so thrilled, thanks to you and your fantastic products. The lines on my upper lip are just starting to diminish! :) My lips have always improved from the start and continued to improve all along, but all of a sudden the texture of the skin and the vertical lines above my lips are lessening! I am going to be 47 in just a little over a month and the lines above lips are so aging. . . but it is working!" Michele, California

"I know your products are working beautifully from my 30-day comparison picture. Every morning when I get up, I rush to the mirror to see what improvements happened over night. It's like getting up on Christmas morning to see what Santa left! The Line Eliminator and the Secret Weapon are like a mini facelift without the surgery."

Linda, West Hills, California

"I am sooooo thrilled and thankful to have found you and your wonderful system. I was of course skeptical at first, but now I just want to say thanks for being the "real deal." In this world where there is so much deception and "smoke and mirrors" in advertising, it is so encouraging to find someone like you. You can hold your head high! My lips are now most definitely Lips2Kiss! "

Margie, Toronto, Canada

"I simply adore your stuff! My lips have never felt this great, and no product has ever felt so lovely on them. I'm sold!" Lene, Norway

"I was a heavy user of lip balms for 10 years straight. During the summer I used a lot as here in Greece the weather is hot, and in the winter I go on several ski trips. My lips never felt comfortable even after nights with a thick layer of lip balm on. This made me think that something was wrong. After researching I found the lips2kiss products on the internet, which was over 5 years ago. I was in my early twenties. It was a shock to me to find out I had damaged my lips when I thought I had been taking care of them. I reached out to Kandis when my products arrived as I’m male and was not used to doing anything but putting lip balms on my lips. She educated me and helped me, as my lips had become addicted. My lips look better than those of the women I date and they feel great. I will never use anything else. Kandis' customer service is amazing!"

Stavros, Athens, Greece

"I LOVE the Lips2Kiss system and love the feel of the products. They just feel so hydrating without being sticky, oily, greasy, ect. I apply the LC (lip cream) and think Oh, this is my favorite of the 3, then I put on the LG (liquid gold) and think, Nope, its this one I like better. By the time I get to the NG (night glaze)I'm thinking, Nah, this one is even better than the other 2 "

Kimberly, Los Angeles, California

"I absolutely LOVE the colored glazes! Also I wanted you to know that I think I have finally had a break through on my lip rejuvenation! I was getting a little discouraged because I was not seeing much improvement so as a result I was not being as consistent as I should be. However, I decided to try the blow drying in the morning also and all I can say is WOW! I saw an improvement within a couple of days! I am sooo excited! . . . The colored glazes make it easier to reapply during the day because it adds some additional color to my lips." Thank you, thank you, thank you." Stacy, Sparks, Nevada