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Addicted Lips

Chronically dry, peeling lips usually indicates a lip addiction is present. Clients who have previously used certain colorless, wax sticks or a petroleum-based product on their lips will likely develop a lip addiction to these ingredients.

In addition to dealing with dry and or peeling lips, addicted lips have lost some or alot of their natural lip surface color. They can also appear to have an almost whitish hue. The only way to overcome a lip addiction is to break it.

If lips begin to peel right away or within a couple days after beginning the Spa Lip Care System, this is definitely indicative that a lip addiction is present and must be broken. When any lip-tissue addiction is broken, there is a withdrawal period.

It can be rather short or just the opposite, depending on the severity of damage present in the tissues of the lip surface and those in the underlying layers.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions that are simple to implement and perform that are included with your Spa Lip Care System during any withdrawal period to hasten the rejuvenation process.

Chapped or Cracked Lips

Chapped, cracked, or split lips can be repaired, restored, and rejuvenated to their healthy state with the one-of-a-kind Lips2Kiss® Spa Lip Care System. Follow the step-by-step instructions, included with the lip-care products, and begin the rejuvenation process. It's also best to avoid toothpastes that contain peroxide as they can dry and further irritate your chapped, cracked lips.

Shrinking Lips

Lips often lose their natural fullness, even in younger women, and start to look smaller. Many believe this is due to aging--the older a woman gets, the smaller her lips become. This is simply not true.

A woman's lips lose their fullness due to extreme dehydration within the lip-tissue layers and lip-surface tissues. In fact, lips never have to age. That is also a true statement.

They are the one body part that can be kept just as smooth and soft, young and supple as in one's youth.

We believe in prevention as much as we do in repairing and rejuvenating lips; however, most young women today - by the time they celebrate their 21st birthday, have lips that have already begun to exhibit signs of dehydration and damage on the lip surface.

To begin immediately repairing your lips, the Spa Lip Care System is needed.

Bottom Lip Phenomenon™

Kandis, the founder, has termed a specific lip condition the Bottom Lip Phenomenon™. She noticed the condition of many of her new clients' bottom lips, which were in varying stages of this occurrence. If it is not repaired through Natural Lip Rejuvenation™, it can eventually become disfiguring.

The Bottom Lip Phenomenon™ targets women whose bottom lip has been fuller than the top, but then starts to shrink, or recede, due to prolonged dehydration and degeneration in the bottom lip's underlying lip tissues.

When this occurs, the bottom lip surface is pulled inward as well as downward. The longer these tissues are dehydrated, the more severe the deterioration, which in turn produces greater pulling of the bottom lip surface.

In her forthcoming book Kandis shares the warning signs of this unique and often disfiguring phenomenon, which is affecting a tremendous number of women of all ages who are oblivious to what it is or what to do about it.

The first step is starting The Spa Lip Care System which is able to immediately stop any further damage from occurring and begin repairing. The system however is not enough if lines are present either above or below or around the lips. We must begin repairing the tissues under these lines as well as those on the surface simultaneously.

Here are a few examples of this condition, in varying stages. Please note: if you see lines above or around your lips know the Stages and Warning Signs to get the help you need.


Photographs of 6 women's lips in varying stages of the Bottom Lip Phenomenon

Signs of this in the Lips Above:

Whitish hue/lack of color along bottom lip border

Line along/inside bottom lip border-starts in corners

Raised tissue under bottom lip; starts very subtly