About Lips2Kiss ®

Lips 2 Kiss ® lip rejuvenation products, along with the Face 2 Flaunt ® and Eyes 2 Envy ® anti-aging products assist anyone wishing to take control over the aging process.

Lips 2 Kiss ® Natural Lip Rejuvenation successfully assists to interrupt, repair and reverse lip aging. This process is an exact science, harnessing the benefits of scientifically proven tissue-enhancing compounds, cutting-edge peptide technologies and clinically tested ingredients, assisting the tissue to rejuvenate from within.   

This technology serves all those, women and men alike, who choose to actively begin to halt and reverse the negative appearance of aging lips and skin.

Our passion is to help you transform your life, provide unheard of customer service throughout the journey, and create a lasting relationship with you.


Founder of Lips 2 Kiss ® -- Kandis Holley Howard

It has taken me more than a decade to uncover lips hidden secrets. Without question, lips are the most misunderstood and mistreated part of our bodies, as lip tissue is unlike any other tissue on the body.
Lips give early warning signs they are in trouble, yet we haven't known what these signs were nor what to look for. The truth of the matter is, lips do not have to age - ever.

Lips are also the one part of our body which, in the majority of cases, can be completely and naturally rejuvenated to be even better than they were in their youthful state.

In my forthcoming book, I will share with you the many shocking discoveries I have made about lips, and the lines that form around them. Suffice it to say these lines can be stopped, and in the majority of cases repaired, softened and eliminated.

If you have had fillers injected into your upper lip lines to plump the tissue and camouflage the lines, this is not enough if you wish to avoid the possibility of tissue collapse from repeated fillers.

If you would like to take control of your aging process, whether you desire to preserve your youthful appearance or you would like to look 10 to 15 years younger - naturally and beautifully, my Lips 2 Kiss® lip rejuvenation products, along with my Face 2 Flaunt ® and Eyes 2 Envy ® rejuvenating anti-aging products will serve you well.