Penetrable Lip Colors and System

Penetrable Lip Colors and System

The colors in the Penetrable Lip Color System have deionized water as their base and bond to the moisture we build up in the lip surface tissues.

Colors will not bleed into lines along your vermillion borders.

The conditioning glaze actually penetrates through the color itself - and is absorbed into your lips hydrating your lip surface tissues as well as the lip tissue layers.

Impt: To help determine if your current lip colors hydrate your lip tissues simply look in a mirror with colorless/bare lips and ask yourself one simple question:

Can I see lines on my lip surface? {Lips should not have lines if they are getting what they need}

<p style="color:#C19400"> Penetrable Lip Color System</p>

Penetrable Lip Color System

Price $49.97

<p style="color:#C19400"> Glaze for Color</p>

Glaze for Color

Price $29.00

<p style="color:#C19400"> Single Penetrable Lip Colors</p>

Single Penetrable Lip Colors

Price $24.95