Natural Lip Rejuvenation®

Natural Lip Rejuvenation®
Natural Lip Rejuvenation®

What is Natural Lip Rejuvenation®?
It is the process of repairing, restructuring, restoring and rejuvenating the lip surface and underlying lip tissues to their optimum healthy state. In doing so, the appearance of your lips look years younger. This process is accomplished using Lips2Kiss® pure, advanced formulations.

When lips attain Natural Lip Rejuvenation®
Your lip surface is smooth, supple and line free. Your lips’ healthy natural color is restored, your vermillion borders are defined and your lips’ natural maximum fullness is achieved.

Lip aging will cease as long as the state of Natural Lip Rejuvenation is maintained.

The following products comprise this offering:

The Natural Lip Rejuvenation® Liquid Gold, by Lips2Kiss®, is an Advanced Lip Repairer and Protector with Deeply Hydrating Abilities. In addition to being soothing and deeply hydrating, it repairs and restructures lip surface tissue as well as the underlying tissue layers.

The Natural Lip Rejuvenation® Lip Exfoliator, by Lips2Kiss®, is formulated with licorice, balm mint and linden flower extracts. It moisturizes while exfoliating. The rounded beads prevent scratching of your delicate lip surface. It leaves your lips feeling smooth and invigorated.

The Natural Lip Rejuvenation® Lip Cream, by Lips2Kiss®, is a rich and concentrated formula feeding and nourishing the lips with its unique blend of vitamins and peptides. It assists in restoring the lips' vibrant, natural color and achieving their maximum natural fullness. Your lips will immediately feel a difference.

The Natural Lip Rejuvenation® Night Glaze, by Lips2Kiss®, is a Silky Lip Moisturizer which drenches, quenches, hydrates and moisturizes all while you sleep. It is like nothing you've ever felt.

The Natural Lip Rejuvenation® LIPIDS, by Lips2Kiss®, is a Richly Concentrated, Restorative Formula which assists in restoring and rejuvenating underlying and surface lip tissues with optimum health and fullness. These Lipids are uniquely different and irreplicable.

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