HA Renewing Serum - 2 Dram Dropper Vial

HA Renewing Serum - 2 Dram Dropper Vial
HA Renewing Serum - 2 Dram Dropper Vial

The Hyaluronic Acid Renewal Serum is a proprietary blend of three peptides.
Its purpose is to replenish your own hyaluronic acid, stimulate its production and sustain its turnover. It can be used on the lips as well as the face.

It helps improve the lip surface texture and is part of the morning and night Lips2Kiss rejuvenation routine. Liquid Gold or Night Glaze must immediately follow when applying HA Renewal Serum to lips.

It also helps improve the moisture level both in depth and on the surface of the skin and lips, along with helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

When applying the HA Renewal Serum to facial tissue, particularly around lips and to crow’s feet, another product applied immediately afterwards is not necessary as it is for the lips.

With this unique and extraordinary Hyaluronic Acid Renewal Serum, messenger molecules, peptides, tripeptides, tetrapeptides and antioxidants come together to help hydrate and rejuvenate tissue and improve skin texture and luminosity.

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The Hyaluronic Renewal Serum is part of the Rejuvenation Line of Lips2Kiss® as well as Face2Flaunt®