Face2Flaunt® BOTOX MIMIC

Face2Flaunt®  BOTOX MIMIC
Face2Flaunt® BOTOX MIMIC

Face2Flaunt® Botox Mimic Serum for Expression Lines is formulated with the peptide Argiriline.

This serum acts as an alternative to Botulinum Toxin as it targets the same wrinkle-formation mechanism in a different way.

With a 97% peptide potency, this serum assists in smoothing and reducing the appearance of expression lines, boosts collagen, improves skin tonicity, firmness and suppleness and reduces the signs of aging.

Clients have reported this serum also helps extend the duration of Botox injections.

Argiriline has demonstrated in clinical studies the ability to safely effect the relaxation of mimicry wrinkles by blocking receptors leading to muscle contractions . This results in skin that appears smoother, tighter and more flawless.

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Size: 2 US fluid drams / 7.40 ml