Eyes 2 Envy® Lines & Wrinkles Eye Serum

<p style="color:#C19400">Eyes 2 Envy® Lines & Wrinkles Eye Serum</p>

Eyes 2 Envy® Lines & Wrinkles Eye Serum

The Eyes 2 Envy® Eye Serum for Lines and Wrinkles is formulated with cutting edge peptides.

It has no fillers or harmful ingredients and the percentages of peptides comprising this serum are among the highest in the industry at 99.9%.

It not only helps smooth and camouflage the appearance of the lines and wrinkles directly under, to the sides and edges of the eyes, it also repairs.

Four separate peptide technologies make up this delicately balanced formula, in this 2 Dram Dropper Vial.

Apply morning and night to bare tissue. It is also effective on lines and wrinkles under the brow.

Refrain from keeping any of our serums in a drawer or closed cabinet. To ensure the peptides' efficacy stays potent it's best to have air circulating around them, like sitting on your vanity; however, if the air is continually hot keep this and all our serums in the fridge.

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The most effective Eye Serum you've ever used to repair lines under and around eyes.