Bottom Lip Phenomenon®

Bottom Lip Phenomenon®
Bottom Lip Phenomenon®

The Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Lip Care Preparations

What is the Bottom Lip Phenomenon®?
It is a specific lip condition, named by the Lips2Kiss® Founder, after noticing this condition in many of her new clients' bottom lips, which were in varying stages of this occurrence.

The Bottom Lip Phenomenon® targets women (and some men) whose bottom lip has always been fuller than the top, but then starts to shrink and recede due to prolonged dehydration and degeneration in the bottom lip's underlying lip tissues.

When this occurs, the bottom lip surface is pulled inward and downward. The longer these tissues are dehydrated, the more severe the deterioration, which in turn produces greater downward and inward pulling of the bottom lip surface.

Signs of the Bottom Lip Phenomenon
The very first sign is a shadow that appears, centered under the bottom lip. This can disappear rather quickly or stay through one or more of the other signs, which are:

A whitish hue and-or a lack of color will start becoming visible. It can begin in the bottom lip corners or anywhere along the bottom lip border.

This next sign can occur simultaneously with the above or immediately after, which is a line that appears just inside the bottom lip border. These lines start in the corners and will eventually meet in the center of the bottom lip, just inside the border, unless repair has begun.

This last sign can occur during or after one of the above signs. Lastly, raised tissue will start to form, subtly, under the bottom lip and continue in severity until further damage is stopped and repair begins with these Bottom Lip Phenomenon® repairing lip care preparations®.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Scrub has licorice, balm mint and linden flower extracts, soothing and invigorating while the rounded beads prevent scratching the lips' delicate surface.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Hydrator, a silky lip moisturizer, drenches, quenches, hydrates and moisturizes the lip surface and underlying tissues.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Cream feeds, nourishes and intensely moisturizes the lips with a unique blend of vitamins and peptides helping restore natural color and fullness.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® HA Serum replenishes the lips' hyaluronic acid, stimulates its production and sustains its turnover. It helps improve the lip surface texture along with the moisture level both in the underlying tissues and the surface tissues as well.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Repairing Lipids are rich and concentrated, assisting to repair and restore the lips to their optimal lip health.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Rejuvenating Lipids in the tube assists in rejuvenating lip tissue while enhancing anti-wrinkle and anti-irritation performance.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Hydrating Color Glaze is ideal for daytime use.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Lip Phenomenon® Nourishing Nutrition, a mixture of Rejuvenating Lipids and Glaze also ideal for daytime use.

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