Stage IV Treatment | Lips | Lines Above Lips | Lines Below

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Stage IV Treatment | Lips | Lines Above Lips | Lines Below

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In Stage IV there is a significant increase in the quantity of lines from Stage III.

The lines. often furrows, are deeper and now extend further upward or downward or both.

The lips are suffering from the state of atrophy in their deeper layers which can affect the lip surface in a myriad of ways.

Lines will continue to worsen until the present condition in your tissues is stopped and immediate repair has begun.

Stage IV Treatment Products for Lips and Lines Above/Below them
1 Spa Lip Care System® with 19 Functions and 4 Separate Products
1 Upper Lip Line Eliminator Cream
1 Upper Lip Line Eliminator Serum
1 Blue Elite Line Repair Serum
2 Elite Renewal Small Jars
1 Vial Rich Lipids
1 Vial Liquid Gold
1 Vial Night Glaze
1 Tighten, Smooth Serum

The last product helps tighten the cheeks and face which help significantly with lines above and below your lips

All Lips2Kiss® lip products are free of wax, wax derivatives, petroleum and parabens.

Easy to follow instructions accompany your products.

If injections are given in this stage and you continue doing what you've always done, over time it's possible tissue collapse can occur. This renders any filler ineffective as it seeps into the adjacent tissues.

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