Night Lip Cream Jar Equals 7 Individual Tubes

<p style="color:#C19400">Night Lip Cream Jar Equals 7 Individual Tubes</p>

Night Lip Cream Jar Equals 7 Individual Tubes

A rich and highly concentrated lip cream formula was needed to begin nourishing and rehydrating the lip tissues.

It is formulated with sodium hyaluronate, the body’s useable form of hyaluronic acid, along with natural extracts, vitamins B5 for cell growth, hydration and healing, vitamin E to help repair UV caused free radical damage, vitamin C and even more.

It successfully assists in helping eliminate lines on the lip surface, and restoring color and fullness to the lips.

Due to its rich and concentrated formula, the Liquid Gold Hydrator must always be used immediately after the Lip Cream is applied to the lips.

The Jar of Lip Cream holds seven (7) Night Lip Cream tubes.

Though formulated for the lips, it has also has proven to be an excellent facial moisturizer.

Price: $75.00
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