Liquid Gold Lip Rejuvenator

<p style="color:#C19400"> Liquid Gold Lip Rejuvenator</p>

Liquid Gold Lip Rejuvenator

Lips2Kiss Liquid Gold Anti-Aging Lip Rejuvenator

This powerful yet light and soothing hydrating formula encourages aging lips to behave more like younger lips and younger lips from showing the signs of aging.

The lipid complexes and peptides found in the Liquid Gold have demonstrated in clinical studies the ability to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, resulting in lips that appear more hydrated, fuller, defined, smoother and richer in natural color.

The Liquid Gold has proven to rehydrate and awaken even the deepest layers of lip tissues, necessary for lip rejuvenation to occur.

Additionally, hyaluronic acid and oil soluble vitamins E and C add moisture and hydration to the lips, resulting in a smoother appearance with a refreshingly soothing and non-sticky formula.

The Liquid Gold is Free of Parabens, Wax, Wax Derivatives and Petroleum.

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Formulated to rejuvenate damaged, dehydrated, aged lips, and keep young lip from showing signs of aging.