Elite Renewal Small Jar

<p style="color:#C19400">Elite Renewal Small Jar </p>

Elite Renewal Small Jar

Elite Renewal is part of the Face2Flaunt® Rejuvenation Line

The Elite Renewal
Wrinkle Smoothing
Cutaneous Barrier Repair

Dermaxyl, palmitoyl oligopeptide with Matrikines and VGVAPG the spring fragment of elastin.

Use a thin film on lines above and or below lips and on lip borders.

If using with the Upper Lip Line Eliminator use the Elite Renewal first.

If using with the ULLE Serum and or Blue Elite Line Repair use the Elite Renewal after.

May apply a thin film to lips and borders if followed by either our Liquid Gold, Night Glaze or Time2Heal.

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