Elite Renewal | Small Jar | Lips | Face

<p style="color:#C19400">Elite Renewal | Small Jar | Lips | Face </p>

Elite Renewal | Small Jar | Lips | Face

The Elite Renewal can be used on the face and lips as well as around the lips.
Liquid Gold or Night Glaze must immediately follow when applying Elite Renewal to lips.

For Significant Wrinkle Smoothing:

Blend in palm [with finger] Elite Renewal and Botox Mimic Serum. Apply under eyes, crows feet, forehead, between brows, and on any expression lines. Follow with a few seconds of warm air [this is optional though it accelerates the reaction].

The actives in the Elite Renewal help stimulate cell communication and assist in repairing age related damage to the cutaneous matrix.

The Elite Renewal also assists in reducing wrinkle volume and depth.

The small jar of Elite Renewal is one-third the quantity of the regular Elite Renewal Jar

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Elite Renewal is part of the Rejuvenation Line of Lips2Kiss® as well as Face2Flaunt®