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I'm Kandis, Lips 2 Kiss Founder - What YOU Need to Know >>>

Lips are constructed of multiple live tissue layers. These interior layers support and build upon each other, and are attached to the skin surface surrounding the lips. As the deeper tissues become severely dehydrated from prolonged moisture loss, it begins to atrophy, which can result in the connective support tissues constricting, pulling and tugging the skin surrounding the lips. The following picture is an example of the Drawstring Effect.


Since the facial skin above your lip line is attached to the tissues being pulled and drawn downward, puckering of the skin surface can occur. This results in lines and furrows above the lips, which we commonly attribute to the normal and expected aging process.

Could YOU Have Caused Your Own Lines?

If you have lines around your lips whether they are just manifesting or are visible and perhaps prominent, you have either worn lipstick, other wax stick products, or lip products containing wax derivatives or petroleum by-products for quite some time.

Sad Realities of Lip Product & Lipstick Formulation

Most lip products contain wax or wax derivatives, which hold or bind the formulation together. Emollients are added to the wax foundation to give the product a creamy feel. As women, we have been conditioned to believe anything creamy is also moisturizing. As lip products are concerned, nothing could be further from the truth.

When lip products that contain wax, wax derivatives, and petroleum by products (all recognized for their ability to repel moisture) are regularly applied to the lip surface over an extended period of time, the lips' innate ability to keep its tissues hydrated naturally, is compromised, and eventually ceases to function at all. This leads to a state of extreme inner dehydration.

Simply stopping the products responsible, will NOT Stop or Eliminate Your Upper and Lower Lip Lines

Please answer these following Questions Quickly & Honestly, so I can best help you.

Do I look pale without lipstick?

Do my lips seem to be getting smaller?

Do my lips look old?

Does my lipstick bleed?

Are my lips dry or rough?

Do my lips ever peel?

Do I ever pick skin off my lips?

Do I have lines on my lip surface?

Are lines beginning to show at my lip border(s)? Could my upper lip line be more defined?

Could my cupids bow be more defined?

Can I see what looks like a small shadow on the skin under my bottom lip?

Would I like to prevent lines around my lips?

Is a line forming on my bottom lip surface, just inside the border, at either the right or left corner?

Is there a bump forming anywhere under my bottom lip?

Do I have lines at my lip borders or have lines just become visible on the tissue above or below my lips?

Do I already have noticeable lines above or below my lips?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, your lips desperately need the Intensive Spa Lip Care System

If you answered Yes to either of the questions in Gold, your lips need the New Client Special- which includes the Lip Care System - and is priced at a great savings for you.

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Unknown Lip Facts

* When you first noticed lines above your lips, it wasn't what you did the week or month before that caused them.

* Your lips sent you warning signs long before your lines appeared. You simply did not know what to look for.

* Once lines appear on the soft tissue around your lips, others form with often alarming rapidity.

* Lips that are constantly dry, often peeling, and void of natural color are usually always addicted.

* Dermabrasion, chemical peels, even lasers do not eliminate lines above and below lips. The lines shall return.

* Injectable fillers, which can temporarily camouflage upper lip lines, do not eliminate them. The lines are more prominent when the filler wears off.

* Tissue collapse can occur after repeated injections for upper and or lower lip lines, rendering future injections ineffective.

* Several online sites and major companies copy Lips 2 Kiss verbage and promises, yet none can deliver.

* Invasive procedures, painful injections, and any other method that puts anything (be it your own fat or something else) into the tissues around your lips, adds to the damage and dehydration already present and cannot repair, restructure, rejuvenate, or eliminate your lines.