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Face 2 Flaunt®

Line Smoother




It Reduces and Lightens Age Spots

It Reduces and Eliminates Redness

The Line Smoother joins our Face 2 Flaunt® family, making these anti-aging formulations some of the most effective, the world over.

The Line Smoother is formulated with Two Separate Peptides. They help make a significantly visible difference in the following areas: Around Lips, Entire Face, Neck and Upper Chest. These cutting edge and regenerating ingredients, manufactured in Paris, France are:

Essenskin and Renovage

”Essenskin’s function is to fortify and restructure mature skin by restoring the main cell functions. In doing so the skin regains its firmness, density, elasticity and smoothness.”

Laboratory tests using Essenskin, conducted on mature panelists with sagging necklines, yielded significant improvement in firmness and elasticity. Density was visibly improved at the epidermal and dermal level, and the crepe paper aspect of the skin was decreased, making the skin smoother and younger looking."

"In vitro laboratory tests with Essenskin reported Cell Multiplication of + 213% and Protein Synthesis of + 135%."

” Renovage extends your skin’s youth span by delaying senescence. It fights against all signs of ageing and can extend cell lifespan by 1/3. It works on the origin of youth and targets the cell actors that ensure lifespan and youth. Renovage creates the optimal conditions in the epidermis and the dermis for visible effects on the skin surface.”

"Renovage significantly improves the surface of the skin. It assists in reducing the appearance of age spots, UV sun spots, wrinkles, pores and erythrosis (redness). Skin is smoother, more uniform and looks younger."

=> The Line Smoother



Line Smoother with 2 Separate Peptides

It will have you looking in the mirror to reaffirm if what you’re seeing is real.

View 30 and 60 Day Results in Pictures

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The Upper Lip Line Eliminator,

the Line Smoother, and the Line Eliminator

together have 4 separate Peptides and are

amongst the world's most advanced Anti-Aging

Formulations Available


If you are like most of my new clients, when you first started noticing lines beginning to form above or around your lips, you tried every available product which promised to help reduce these lines. When one didn't work you tried another, all the while watching helplessly as these lines continued to become more prominent.

Until this is stopped, your lines are going to become deeper, extend further upward or downward and increase in quantity as the tissues under these lines continue to shrink and atrophy.

Kandis, Lips 2 Kiss® Founder