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2 MHz Facial Ultrasound

Lips 2 Kiss® added this one of a kind Facial Ultrasound (this is the ONLY 2 Mega Hertz Ultrasound currently manufactured worldwide) to assist in delivering the active ingredients, Dermaxyl in the Upper Lip Line Eliminator, Matrixyl 3000 in the Line Eliminator, and Essenskin, Renovage and Kombuchka in the Line Smoother, deep into the tissues. This helps make a significant and postive impact on lines above and below lips, as well as on all your facial lines and wrinkles.

The more effectively we can get these actives into these deep tissue layers, at the same time we begin lip rejuvenation, means the repairing and restructuring they must do will occur much faster, thusly producing visible results much sooner. Delivering the actives in the Face 2 Flaunt® product to these deep tissue layers for immediate use, means the temporary healing period which clients with upper lip lines can experience is circumvented.

This 2 MHz Facial Ultrasound uses specialized ceramic crystals, which have been years in the making. The ultrasonic head remains cool to the touch while it soothingly warms the tissue.

There are two intensity settings, high and lo. Once the unit is turned on, the unit will operate for 10 minutes. A beep is heard after each 60 seconds of operating time. A double beep is heard at the end of the 10 minute cycle.

This one of a kind Facial Ultrasound can be used alone; however, when used along with the 3 in 1 Beauty Handheld, the efffectiveness of both is increased significantly, producing visible results much sooner.

To understand the temporary healing stage which can occur, when lines have already formed or are forming above or below your lips as lip rejuvenation begins, click this link => Lines & wrinkles above and around lips and a healing stage of lip rejuvenation.

Clear, precise, easy to follow instructions are included.

To understand the importance of delivering the LIne Smoother deep into the tissues, click here

To understand the importance of delivering the Upper Lip LIne Eliminator deep into the tissues, click here

To understand the importance of delivering the LIne Eliminator deep into the tissues, click here

The 2 MHz Facial Ultrasound is intended for facial use only.











2 MHz Facial Ultrasound

Specialized Ceramic Crystals have been years in the making

The ONLY 2 MHz Ultrasound Manufactured

1 Year Warranty

Nothing you ever do will positively impact your life as significantly as eliminating the lines above and below your lips