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* Lip aging does not result merely because you get older

* Lip aging results from years of hydration deprivation

* Hydrating your body by drinking the recommended amount of water daily, will not hydrate your lips nor their tissues

* Healthy lips should Not have noticeable lines on the surface

* Injections and fillers put into the lips can be the catalyst for lines developing sooner around them

* Certain popular lip products can cause the lips to form an actual physiological addiction. Eventually the situation can escalate into chronically dry, chapped lips, unless the addiction is broken.

* Chronically dry chapped lips can produce lines around them much sooner than if the lips were not addicted

* Subtle indentations you might notice between your upper lip and the bridge of your nose, extending as wide as your lips, are warning you that lines will soon become visible unless you take action now that will STOP this from happening.

* If you have a fuller bottom lip, and you notice a shadow beginning to form on the tissue right under your lip, you need to take action immediately

* Once you notice lines that appeared out of nowhere above your lips, others will come with alarming rapidity.

* .As bad as your Upper and or Lower Lip Lines presently are, they WILL get much worse if they're not stopped right now!

* Retinol products cannot and will not stop lines around your lips. They are similar to using sandpaper on a board; though a crude analogy it is accurate.

*. Lips are the one body part that can actually be restored to a more youthful state


I'm Kandis, Lips 2 Kiss® Founder

Throughout these pages, I will attempt to enlighten, educate and help you. The statements I make and the things I say will probably be in stark contrast to what you have heard and believe about lips.

At some point however, you're going to find yourself thinking, Hmm... . . this does makes sense.

Now in all probability, you've already spent a lot of money on numerous products which have all failed to deliver on their promises.

You have been disappointed more than once, and are now skeptical. However, you still have a need that has not been met.

Though numerous lip products continue to flood the market, none are able to replicate the results which my products produce.

My opinions, and what I believed to be true, even took as fact, and assumed was just common knowledge when it came to the subject of lips, were altered dramatically!

What I currently know about lips now, is the truth, and I have shared it with you on every page throughout my site. You are, right now, in the place I used to be (your opinions and beliefs).

My conclusions have been based on collaboration of scientifically proven tissue enhancing compounds, multiple cutting edge technologies, and clinically tested ingredients.

My Cosmeceutical Spa LipCare System, along with my transformational Face 2 Flaunt® products, have been formulated with the same scientifically proven tissue enhancing compounds, multiple cutting edge technologies, and clinically tested ingredients, upon which my conclusions were drawn.

My lip treatment system works synergistically to revitalize and rejuvenate your lip tissue layers and your lip surface tissues. I have named this process Lip Rejuvenation..

My transformational Face 2 Flaunt® products are formulated with peptides direct from Paris, France. They repair the tissues under upper and lower lip lines at the same time the lip system begins to repair the lip tissues. However, that is not all they do.

They assist to dramatically improve the appearance of the face, neck, upper chest and even backs of hands. They have been formulated to assist anyone wishing to take control over the aging in their life!

I'm Passionately honest when I tell you what my products can do, as I use them personally day and night.

Now, let me enlighten you and tell you why you really have lines on and around your lips. Click Here






































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